The Millennial in Me- “I work at a start up” now

A homage to Dylan and Mr. Bridges to prove that my generation can still give credit when credit is due. That before writing that yes, I too have now joined my free-spirited, yet uninspired, but definitely cool peers in going to work for a small business start-up within the food-tech industry after two very professional years spent working in finance.

Where? A meal-kit delivery service (we create recipes, source fresh food, box the ingredients and delivery it to your door, ready to cook)

When? I started last week (!)

Why? 1) Free food; 2) I’m a millennial and 3) In all seriousness, I am going to learn how to build a business from the ground up (mistakes, successes, challenges, ownership… all of it)

What capacity? My official title is US Finance Manger, but the role will extend to analysis  around cost of supplies, logistics, labor, operations and customer behavior to make better business decisions.

So…? I want to share my struggles (and triumphs) in the food industry via the Avo Princess, because her M.O. is taking pride and joy in healthy, delicious meals. So… let’s go.




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