When you live in NYC, you have roommates, it’s what you do.

…Even if you are a princess. The Avo Princess is lucky enough to have a fantastic roommate who enjoys all things good in life. Read: we like to eat a lot of ashy cheese, cured meats, smoked nuts, exotic veggies (and of course avocados) to stay at the forefront of NYC’s hors d’oeuvre scene and report any breaking new trends here, first.

Turns out though, sharing a 5th Ave apartment in the city (read: working significantly more hours than you sleep) means that you use the same bathroom and collect each others’ mail on odd days of the week. One night/morning we did a high-five as she was walking in the door at 5am and I was leaving to start the next day. It is an unfortunate and without question ridiculous way to share a home with someone, but we are not your ordinary princesses and have learned to tough it out (most days). That said we take no time spent together for granted.

So… we hang out and eat together when time permits. It is awesome and typically includes a good bit of avocado if I have my way. Amidst a bad case of the Sunday scaries, we shared this fashionable looking plate last weekend.

Goat Lady Dairy from NC (Bedford Cheese) local cukes morrocan carrots (Breads Bakery) Olli slow cured pork- grass-fed and antibiotic free AVO

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