I can’t do it all… but the Avo Princess can

The pilot post for Avo Princess was eagerly optimistic with ideas and dreams about homemade dining and full fledged, extended meals shared with the coolest people you know. Today blurred lines, but to be honest it was a truer depiction of the harsh reality and call for innovation that city life inflicts upon most of us as we fight for the freedom that is our personal lives.  Hence, a meal as a metaphor- a sign of how important the concept of knowing your food, being slightly inventive and spending time your family is.

After a canceled flight and a few hours in the office on a holiday, I was back at my apartment with my dad as he waited for the next flight out. What to eat? I only have no time to cook and only cookable food in the fridge…. but I always have avocados and sprouts! Hence a magical hodge podge of local food put together to look somewhat artistic (for the gram), but definitely still delish.

  1. Fresh, in-house made tuna salad from Bread’s Bakery only a block away (@breadsbakery
  2. Cherry tomatos
  3. The ever-fab Avocado
  4. Sprouts and micro greens from Union Square Green Market (@unionsquaregreenmkt);
    • Great news- Dr. Mercola reported that sprouts contain up to 100X more enzymes than raw fruits or veggies
    • More enzymes means that your body is more efficient in extracting the nutrients (fats, minerals, amino acids) from  the food you pair sprouts with (i.e. Avocados)
    • … they are crunch, spicy and taste good with any salad that Avo has ever graced

A well thought out lunch with real chairs and a menu instead of stools and the randomness of your fridge sounds ideal, but it was really nice to be able to throw together some fresh food and turn a flight delay into an afternoon with your dad (still part of that “coolest people you know” concept). All’s well that ends well and Avo effortlessly saves the day with a true friend, Sprouts.

sprouts... crunchy!
sprouts… crunchy!

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