The Avocado Princess: Tales of a picky eater, a magical fruit and lots of homemade food

Avo Brekkie
Avo brekki in Ridgefield, CT. Take a break from Manhattan, not avocados.

Before moving up to the city from North Carolina, sharing home-cooked meals with friends, family, whomever was a past-time. But real-life (a job in finance, tiny apartment, time, etc) takes a lot of that away from us living in the boroughs of New York City. It is true, I’ve landed in one of the greatest dining meccas in the world, complete with every trending cuisine, hot-new chefs and avant guard cooking. But to me, and maybe you (?) there is still something inexplicably great (and always in vogue) about a homemade meal shared with fun people.

The Avocado Princess (@theavocadoprincess) is not just a punny pseudonym I’ve cooked […] up to showcase the food I’m cooking at home, but a character with what I hope will soon become a loyal fan base. Despite the vast and wondrous food offerings of the city (bottomless brunch, oyster happy hours, coursed dining, 4 AM ‘za), I still believe that the food we make and share with friends tastes infinitely better.

But, why the avo? She’s colorful, she’s relatable, she’s tasty, she’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beyond her looks and style- she is the perfect source of nutrients, a important healthy fat (one of the fattiest foods in the world) for the human diet and a fast friend. Bottom line, everyone loves Avocado.

Some footnotes:

(i) I am including a brief disclosure about quality of food and only eating that which you can pronounce. And while I am admittedly a strong believer of eating unprocessed, locally sustained food that can be identified with the human eye, the focus of the Avo Princess is to encourage fresh local food because it is truly more enjoyable when cooked by oneself and shared, not just healthier.

(ii) I am keen to learn more about food desserts that exist both in urban and rural areas. From my findings thus far, education and access are the fundamental reasons behind communities without access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. I want to know how we can change this. Please connect with me on this as I explore more.

(iii) I have begun experimenting with the Paleo diet (low in grains and starchy carbohydrates/ high in fats… like AVO) and may include some brief discussions on the matter here.  


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